Frequently asked questions

What is ARTXV?

ARTXV is the #1 NFT community for neurodiverse artists. We represent neurodiverse artists to sell their work as NFTs and work to show the world the power of neurodiversity.

What is neurodiversity and neurodivergence?

Neurodiversity is simply neuro-diversity. The diversity of human minds and brain function. Neurodivergence is brain function that differs to 'the norm'. It is an umbrella term for a number of different disabilites and conditions including autism, ADHD, OCD and synesthesia. The Neurodiversity Movement refers to the growing movement within the disabled community to change outdated conceptions of what it means to be neurodivergent: instead of a disadvantage or hindrance, it is simply a diversity (which of course is wonderful thing)!

What is an NFT?

In short, an NFT is sort of like a serial number for a digital asset (e.g. a digital image, video or mp3). It is a unique digital asset that is created on the blockchain, an emerging technology which is known for it's security, transparency and decentralised model (no one group controlling it). For a more in depth description, head to our blog post here.

Why an NFT collective for the neurodivergent?

Why NFTs? The traditional art world is totally inaccessible - from physical inaccessibility to venues, to social exclusion from the elite circles of the art world and even filling out lengthy applications to be considered by art institutions. NFTs not only provide art, culture and community at your doorstep, but also require none of the above and give our artists the opportunities to be recognised and celebrated on a global level.

Why neurodivergence for NFTs?

Why neurodiversity? Neurodivergence is an incredible asset that the world is missing out on. Different brain function, a one of a kind perspective of the world and unique stories and life experiences all make for incredible, powerful art. The disabled community is also known for its rich culture and creative talent (well, not known enough). As the NFT community strives to become more diverse, it needs the disabled community to enrich it both with art AND people.

Are you a non-profit?

Short answer - NO! We are not a charity. Our artists are legitimate artists and we believe they should be treated as such. We operate as an art agency-social movement hybrid, covering everything business, marketing, tech support, partnerships and community. We leave the artists to do what's important - the art.

Who are the founders?

ARTXV was founded by sisters Ava and Tara. Ava, a computer science student from London, created ARTXV when her older sister Tara, an autistic non-verbal artist, wasn't being taken seriously by the traditional art world. Learn more about Ava and Tara here. ARTXV was created out of pure love, frustration, celebration and community.

When is your first drop?

Our first drop will be in March 2022, which will coincide with our project with Google Arts & Culture, making us the first NFT community to work with them. This will give our collectors and buyers the chance to learn about our artists, their work and their stories.

How can we support ARTXV?

Buy an NFT! Hit the Sign Up button at the top right of the screen and tick the Collector box in our Google Form to be considered for the whitelist.
Besides that, click here to pledge your support and spread the word of ARTXV with a tweet. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please email us to purchase a special ARTXV sponsorship NFT.