Hello ARTXV community! I’ve wanted to start blogging for a long time now and I’m so happy to finally post my first and keep you updated with all things ARTXV!

These blogs will be casual, frequent updates that I’ll also post on our Instagram and Twitter pages :) and what better occasion to mark our first blog post with than the FIRST EVER NFT LDN!

digital indoor panel against a bare brick wall with brightly coloured hot pink abstract piece on it with the words 'institut Unit London'
Unit London (Institut) NFT LDN event!

For context, NFT NYC is the largest annual NFT conference in the world! As the NFT scene is growing in the UK, more and more events are popping up including the all new NFT LDN and we are so excited about it!

I volunteered today as an event organiser and watched a bunch of talks from artists, collectors, curators and business people. Here are my main takeaways:

event pass that says 'organiser' on it with NFT LDN on top in purple green and pink

1. We need to get over the tech!

A huge barrier that people face when it comes to getting involved with NFTs is the tech (definitely speaking from experience). It’s confusing, inaccessible and daunting - especially to those without a technical background.

But why do we need to know about the complex tech behind NFTs before we start?! Do we know the intricate technical details about how our phone works? The mechanics behind cars? How the internet works?! No!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to learn and to gain knowledge on new technologies, but it shouldn’t prevent us from getting involved in this booming industry (and most importantly getting involved in the fun)! Thanks to Sunil for this insight.

2. Authenticity and community

This is what NFTs are all about! People often ask me what separates NFTs from other methods of selling art - and there’s a lot of different things - but a big one is community! People feel a sense of community when they own NFTs from the same collection - just like the bond that anyone who will own an ARTXV NFT will feel with the rest of the community.

There’s a lot of news about these huge million dollar sales of NFTs and these can give NFTs a not so great reputation of being cash grabs and purely about the money. While these do exist, for an NFT collective to truly thrive and last, it should be transparent, engaging and genuine! Community members should feel excited to engage with each other and for that, I thank all of YOU who keep this community thriving, joyful and powerful!

4 people sitting next to each other giving a talk in front of a large screen for the panel talk "panel: sports in NFTs". the people are a white young man, a white woman, a south asian man and another white man.
From left to right: Pet Berisha, Kerry Adams, Sunil Singhvi and SillyTuna

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