ARTXV takes Penn Station, NYC

As we're taking all our good news from Twitter and Instagram and sharing them on our website, what better throwback to look to than our feature in the LARGEST NFT EXHIBIT in history?!

Tara, represented by ARTXV, was chosen by the Art in Motion team to have her work featured across Penn Station in NYC, where QR codes were plastered all over the subway station which when scanned, led the audience to Tara's work.

I see Tara's work as a representation of herself. The loud, bold shapes and colours that Tara uses truly reflects her charismatic, joyful and larger than life personality, challenging what it means to be disabled and non-verbal.

This piece is also a part of the first artwork that I discovered of hers and what inspired me to create ARTXV!

We are so proud of Tara and the whole ARTXV collective for smashing glass ceilings and overcoming barriers to enter and thrive in the art world!

A huge thank you to Mogul and Eric for curating and organising the exhibition, Lianna for introducing us to them and the whole ARTXV community for continuing to support us and each other.