It all started in early 2021 when founder Ava discovered her autistic sister Tara’s gift for art. Hidden away in her living room, Ava came across an incredible abstract painting that her family had never seen before. It became apparent that if Tara’s artistic talents were only being discovered in her late 20s, then there must be many other neurodiverse artists who have yet to be discovered, promoted and celebrated.


Inspired by this Ava launched ARTXV. The XV (the Roman numeral for 15) in ARTXV represents the 15% of the world's population who identify as disabled. 

Fast forward, ARTXV is a growing community of disabled artists, collectors and allies. It has gone from two sisters sharing artwork to an international movement to promote inclusion, exposure, employment and empowerment for disabled individuals in wider society. We believe that community has always been at the center of art and NFTs are community on overdrive.


Founded by 2 sisters

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