Two sisters challenging the traditional art world.

ARTXV is the first NFT collective for neurodivergent artists, representing and supporting artists around the world as they enter both the fine art and NFT space.

Centred around empowerment, inclusion and celebration, ARTXV is introducing the world to one of a kind work and powerful stories from the neurodivergent community.

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Founded by two sisters from London: Ava, a computer science student and Tara, an autistic, non-verbal artist, ARTXV’s story began when Ava discovered Tara’s gift for art in the form of an incredible abstract painting, hidden away in her living room.

Ava struggled for months to get Tara’s work recognised by the traditional art world, being met with dismissive responses as soon as they realised that Tara was autistic.

After receiving suggestions of setting up a charity instead or selling postcards on Etsy, Ava was met with the stark reality of the traditional art world: it didn’t see neurodivergent people as legitimate artists.

From here Ava set out to find a new creative space. One that valued community, embraced change and rejected traditional industries with elitist governing bodies.

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Then came Web3 and NFTs.

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As my own career, goals and dreams progressed, I never wanted to leave Tara's behind. Neurodivergent people want to work, to contribute to society and to create a legacy for themselves - they just need the opportunities to do so.

Onboarding these artists to Web3 will not only bring opportunities, culture and community to the neurodivergent community, but will bring never seen before art and a newfound beauty to the world, all whilst showing what it truly means to be neurodivergent.

“Autism… is a part of me, and because it is a part of me, it is a part of my art.”