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below to learn more about the founding ARTXV artists


whimsical stippling piece of a character in space smiling at a bird in a tree
haunting painting of a character screaming, made with broad strokes of paint in deep red and yellow colours
whimsical painting of a character holding their eye on a stick
abstract art of purple and blue swirls
collage art of a pin up girl in an clam shell with a pearl in her lap which is in fact an earth
whacky digital art of a google themed office
haunting watercolour painting of a figure with piercing eyes
zany digital art of a mystical sky with skulls and clouds and a ufo
gentle painting of a robin using brisk strokes
digital art of bright static lines
painting of two round faces
digital art of a face coming out of a painting with a couple observing it. The character has no hair after having chemotherapy
cartoon image of a zany face
painting of a whimsical face
abstract painting featuring swirls of deep rich colours of yellows and browns and reds
whacky abstract piece of various faces and objects made up of more faces and objects
ethereal painting of a girl underneath a full moon, with her hair floating around her
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