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ARTXV is proud to present the ARTXV Impact Report, a review of the last 3 years of building community, nurturing artists and collaborating with teams across the world to launch projects at the intersection of art, technology and disability pride.

ARTXV Impact Report 2024. Championing disability inclusion at the intersection of the arts and technology.
Table of contents. Championing disability inclusion. Our guiding principle. Community. Artists. Projects. Features. Impact. The team behind ARTXV. Learning and development. Thank you.
Championing disability inclusion in the arts and technology.  The traditional art world is inaccessible. Disability is the largest minority in the world, yet 87% of art venuesin more than 40 countries don’t include disabled people in any partof the process [British Council, 2021]. Digital literacy. Disabled people are 35% less likely to have essential digital skills forlife and are at a higher risk of being digitally excluded, often due toa lack of accessible digital services [Consumer Digital Index, 2019]. Community during the pandemic. Disabled adults who report experiencing chronic loneliness arealmost double that of non-disabled adults, in addition to WHOdeclaring loneliness a ‘global public health concern’ after theCOVID-19 pandemic [ONS, 2020] [WHO, 2023]. Employment and independence. Disabled people are almost twice as likely to be unemployed asnon-disabled people, and three times as likely to be economicallyinactive, but want to work and are fully capable of working, yet often
"The art world is by nature full of extraordinary things. It is a shame that so many neuro diverse artists, often with unique interpretations, experiences and talents of the world around them have struggled to find a home within it." Caleb Lewis, ARTXV artist. An image of Caleb's artwork is in the corner, a whimsical figure holding a bird.
Our guiding principle. The social model of disability. The understanding that people are disadvantaged by barriers in society, not by their diagnosis or differences. Barriers can be physical, institutional, even to do with attitude. Removing these barriers is a step towards equality, independence and freedom.
Community. ARTXV prides itself on having cultivated a diverse community, spanning different continents, ages, genders, socioeconomic backgrounds, individuals with various neurodivergences and disabilities, in addition to non-disabled allies. Gender split, pie graph showing Women 52%, men 40%, non-binary 8%. Age groups 18-24 years 25%, 35-34 years 25%, 35-44 years 33%, 45+ years 17%. Geographical area, England, Wales, United States, Turkey, India, France, Australia, Austria, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, Iran, Lebanon, Brazil, Spain, Netherlands, Panama and others. Other communities and background, LGBTQIA+, people of colour, parents, those with mental health conditions, those from financially compromised backgrounds,
ARTXV sees neurodivergence as an asset. A unique perspective of the world, creating one of a kind art. Our artists’ various neurodivergences and life experiences reflect the variety of art styles, pieces of work and contributions within the collective. Neurodivergences within the collective: ADHD, autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, BPD, OCD, synesthesia, brain injury. Styles and media within the collective: painting, drawing, ceramics, collage, traditional, abstract, digital and/or AI. Below are 4 artworks showing a variety of styles
Projects. ARTXV has carried out a range of projects bridging art, technology and disability pride, with a variety of partners and collaborators. Through exploring emerging creative industries, these projects have provided our artists with opportunities that would often otherwise not be accessible to them in the traditional world. Google Arts & Culture. The platform’s first disability arts and Web3 project, highlighting the positive impact that neurodivergence has on creativity, showcasing the ARTXV artists and hearing their stories. Two screenshots from this project, one of an artist drawing and one of a stippling art piece of a whimsical character. Hands off our girls. Digital art sale as part of the global outreach movement Stand Up For Unity, with proceeds contributing to the education of 16 girls in Afghanistan, under Taliban rule. Times Square, ARTXV artists’ work displayed across Times Square in New York City, as part of NFT.NYC. We the Women TED X Youth. A creative festival host
Projects. Big Issue Magazine. Coproduced the magazine’s first issue entirely led by people with a learning disability. The Big Issue supports those who are experiencing homelessness or financial hardship. Picture of the Big Issue Disability special edition and a page within the edition of an abstract painting. NFT London tickets. ARTXV artists’ work became the official artwork for the digital NFT tickets of the largest NFT conference in the world, a first for disability inclusion in the Web3 industry. Accompanying images of these ticket artworks. Art in motion. Experimental project covering the walls of the New York Penn subway, the busiest transportation facility in the Western hemisphere, with QR codes directing audiences to digital artworks online.
Features. ARTXV has been featured in both digital and print, in the likes of Forbes, Big Issue, HP Innovation Magazine, Service95 by Dua Lipa and academic books and papers. A selection of book covers, magazine spreads and articles.
Impact. Our artists are at the heart of everything we do. COVID-19 pandemic, In a recent survey completed by ARTXV artists, 100% of participants reported that ARTXV was helpful to them during the pandemic. Inclusion in the arts, 100% of ARTXV artists surveyed felt more empowered since joining ARTXV. Community, 100% of artists said they learnt more about others in the disabled and/or neurodivergent community. Opportunities, 3/4 of artists have already found further artistic opportunities since their time at ARTXV.
“ARTXV means community and support. Prior, my differences weren’t accepted within the art community. Now they are celebrated.” J. Quinn, ARTXV artist
The team behind ARTXV. Reflecting our diverse collective of artists, the team at ARTXV have come together from a variety of backgrounds, countries, professional and lived experiences. The team reside in the UK, across North America, Puerto Rico and Malaysia.  The team vary in gender and lived experiences as both neurodivergent and neurotypical individuals, 60% women, 40% men, 1/3 neurodivergent. The team hold a variety of roles, in turn bringing a variety of skills to ARTXV. Creatives, copywriters, tech wizzes, social activists, entrepreneurs, legal experts and more.
“ARTXV showed me what a supportive work environment really looks like, and it introduced me to the kind of work I want to spend the rest of my life doing.” Deema Alharthi, Project Lead at ARTXV
Learning and development. Beyond creative projects and tech-focused collaborations, ARTXV is proud to have offered a range of learning and development opportunities, both to our community and external bodies, through fostering close relationships with industry experts, sharing knowledge and learning from one another. Artist mentorship, technical training, workshops from industry leaders, corporate talks, consultation work, internships
Thank you. To our artist, Community members, supporters, allies, partners and collaborators for your support throughout this journey. A collage of varied art pieces
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