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2022: The Highlights

What a year! 2022 was full of creativity, wins and smashing glass ceilings in the art and Web3 industry. Here were the highlights:

1. NFT.London (by NFT.NYC) chose ARTXV artists to be the official artwork for their NFT tickets. A huge congratulations to Caroline, J. Quinn and Alice!

2. ARTXV artists were featured on Time's Square in NYC

3. ARTXV was featured in Forbes

4. ARTXV artists were featured in TEDx's first ever NFT exhibition in Germany

5. ARTXV became the first NFT partners and the first disabled or neurodivergent collective to ever work with Google Arts & Culture

6. Dua Lipa's culture newsletter, Service95, featured ARTXV artists J. Quinn, RiiZe23, Francesca, Ritika and Mind Fuzz as her favourite neurodivergent NFT artists

7. We did a bunch of press, interviews and chats with other communities!

8. The ARTXV artists did interviews, commissions and art projects beyond ARTXV

A huge congratulations to our artists and a huge thank you to all our supporters, allies and advocates. We can't wait to show you what we have in store for 2023!


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