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ARTXV Featured in nftnow

7 projects that celebrate diversity in the NFT community

We are thrilled to be featured in nftnow's article "7 Projects That Celebrate Diversity in the NFT Community":

"It’s no secret that the NFT space is a melting pot of culture. Throughout the vast expanse of the NFT ecosystem lives a wide variety of NFT art, photography, music, and more, all created by an even wider array of unique creators. Of course, the NFT space could be doing more to empower underrepresented artists, but that isn’t to say that diversity doesn’t exist in the NFT space.

And this diversity inherent in our metaverse-centered culture should be and is being celebrated across the blockchain. Whether by way of a large-scale profile picture (PFP) collection or through the endeavors of a digital autonomous organization (DAO), artists of all backgrounds, creeds, and colors are being given their flowers in Web3.

So to further shine a light on diversity in the NFT space, here are a few projects and communities leading the pack."

a gif of a topsy turvy Google office space that continuously turns and simultaneously zooms in

ARTXV is a Web3 community and “cultural hub” focused on providing support for creatives in the disabled community. It was founded in 2021 by two sisters from London, Ava and Tara Halvai. Tara is an autistic, non-verbal artist whose work Ava had hoped to get recognized by the traditional art world but ran into roadblocks at every step due to Tara’s disability.   After struggling and being met with dismissive responses that seemed to delegitimatize Tara as an artist, Ava set out to create ARTXV to help amplify the talent and stories of the disabled community in the art industry and Web3. In 2023, ARTXV was announced to be evolving into a non-profit to better help support disability inclusion in the arts across the board.

To read the full article and explore the other organisations bringing inclusion to the Web3 space, click here.


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