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ARTXV featured in Creators Take Control

Exciting news! We’re so very excited and honoured to be featured in Professor Edward Lee’s book “Creators Take Control: How NFTs revolutionize art, business and entertainment.”

This book explores how NFTs are exponentially impacting various industries and revolutionising our understanding of ‘ownership’, by a leading legal scholar and expert on NFTs and IP. A must read for those wanting to know everything about NFTs!

book cover titled "Creators take control" by Edward Lee. How NFTs revolutionise art, business and entertainment

Open page of book. Text says: artists are also using NFTs to promote greater awareness and inclusion of people with disabilities, who face significant hurdles to finding representation in the art establishment. Lachi, the award-winning recording, artist, and disability advocate who is blind, collaborated in creating NFTs, with several visual artist with disabilities to celebrate the international day of persons with disabilities. Ava, a computer science student in London, founded ARTXV, a collective representing neurodiverse artists, including those with autism, ADHD, and synaesthesia. Ava’s inspiration, was her sister, Tara, who is autistic and non-verbal. During the pandemic, Ava discovered that Tara had an extraordinary talent for art after finding, for the first time, one of Tara’s beautiful abstract paintings. Ava approached the art establishment to seek opportunities for her sisters artwork, but was reportedly “met with dismissive responses as soon as they realised that Tara was autistic.” that’s when Ava turned to NFTs. ARTXV launched a collection of one-of-one NFTs created by 15 neurodivergent artists, including Tara. The 2022 NFT.NYC conference selected some of the ARTXV artist’s impressive works for display in Times Square. These examples are just a handful of the inspirational efforts to build a more inclusive web3.


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