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Elinor Rowlands' Magical Women

ARTXV artist Elinor Rowlands is the founder of Magical Women, an organisation that creates relaxed, accessible and empowering spaces for female and non-binary neurodivergent artists that remove risk typically found in neurotypical and mainstream spaces.

Magical Women regularly host workshops and virtual events - be sure not to miss them! Spots can be booked here.

Their website also shares call outs, paid opportunities, training resources and words from the wonderful Elinor.

Taken from Magical Women's website:

"Magical Women was founded by Autistic/ADHD Disabled artist, experienced mentor and HCPC registered art psychotherapist Elinor Rowlands.

Magical Women is an autistic/ADHD-led model, supporting Neurodivergent (ND) women and non binary artists to gather in relaxed, accessible and empowering spaces to make art. We disseminate Neurodivergent language, vocabulary and ways of working, liberating ND women artists to truly be and express themselves. Our aim is to platform and share art/writing by ND artists/writers to wider and more diverse audiences.

In 2020/21, Magical Women led 24 workshops via Zoom – including Making Space for Art, Neurodivergent Writers Workshops and Magical Journey Art Workshops – engaging 125+ participants. Online workshops increased involvement for those participants who might have been unable to participate due to geographic or access barriers. Magical Women workshops are a virtual sanctuary for isolated ND women, supporting them to create art. Magical Women offers space which allows for bravery and autonomy, enabling ND women to focus on their creativity. We also delivered a series of online exhibitions and events and produced a publication showcasing and celebrating the work of 49 ND women artists."


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