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ARTXV took a trip to NFT LDN, the first of its kind! NFT LDN featured two days of talks from artists, collectors, curators and founders in the NFT space. Here are our main takeaways:

poster for NFT LDN, a collage of different graphic art with the NFT LDN logo below

1. You don’t need to be technical!

A huge mental barrier that many people face when it comes to getting involved with NFTs is the misconception that you need to understand the tech.

But why do we need to know about the complex tech behind NFTs before we start?! Do we know the intricate technical details about how our phone works? The mechanics behind cars? How the internet works?! No!

Don’t get us wrong, it’s great to learn and to gain knowledge on new technologies, but it shouldn’t prevent us from getting involved.

2. Community

This is what NFTs are all about! There are many things that separate NFTs from other methods of selling art, but an important one is community. People feel a sense of community when they own NFTs from the same collection.

3. Authenticity

What makes a good NFT project? One word comes to mind - authenticity. Amongst the hyped up drops, celebrity-led projects and cash grabs, NFT collectives that will truly thrive and last are transparent, engaging and authentic. Community members should feel excited and safe to engage within the community and for that, we thank all of the ARTXV community for keeping it a space that is full of life, authenticity and celebration!


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