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ARTXV Displayed in Penn Station, NYC

Updated: Jan 7

ARTXV is proud to announce that our very own artist Tara had her work featured on the walls of Penn Station in NYC, as part of the world’s largest public NFT exhibition.

abstract piece of bright bold colours and strokes. Colours include brown yellow red and green

Tara, represented by ARTXV, was chosen by the Art in Motion team to have her work featured across Penn Station in NYC, where QR codes were plastered all over the subway station which when scanned, led the audience to Tara's work.

The whole team at ARTXV are so very proud of Tara and the whole ARTXV collective for smashing glass ceilings and overcoming barriers to thrive in the art world!

ARTXV would like to thank Lianna, Mogul and Eric for curating and organising the exhibition, Lianna for introducing us to the opportunity and the whole ARTXV community for uplifting each other and making ARTXV what it is.

subway posters with QR codes on them and the phrases 'In NFTs we trust, owning JPEGS just got real and Crypto Shmypto'

posters on pillars in a subway station saying 'owning JPEGS just got real' and 'Some nerd just bought the house you dreamed of'

more photos of the same posters but up close

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