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Google Arts & Culture Partners with ARTXV

Updated: Jan 7

collage of different artists' work

A message from founder Ava:

It’s here! After nine long months of interviewing and curating, the ARTXV x Google Arts & Culture project has launched.

When I started ARTXV with my autistic sister Tara, it was to give neurodivergent artists the recognition and financial independence they deserve but unfortunately were denied by the traditional art world.

What I didn’t anticipate is that by moving their art to NFTs, ARTXV would grow into so much more and embrace the community element of the NFT space. Now ARTXV stands proud as the first Web3 community for the wider neurodivergent community, giving both our artists and community members the opportunity to tell the world what neurodiversity truly means to them.

Our project with Google Arts & Culture follows our first 15 artists as they tell the world who they are, what their art is and how neurodiversity has impacted it all. It’s a journey through their lives and a chance to hear from the artists themselves. You'll recognise parts of the project from our Artists page and our feature on "What Neurodiversity Means to Me", but there's plenty more to explore here.

Enjoy and remember to spread the power of neurodiversity!

Ava x

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