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Disability and Web3 with Diversability

ARTXV joined Diversability and other disability organisations and advocates in the Web3 space for a conversation on Web3, NFTs, how accessibility and inclusion can be implemented as it evolves, and how each of us can create a lasting impact.

Panelists include:

Ava Halvai, (she/her) Founder ARTXV

Giselle Mota, (she/her) Futurist, Creator, NFTY Collective

Paula Carozzo, (she/her) Inclusive Activist, Inclusive Collective

Glen Gilmore, (he/him) Tech & Travel Influencer

Diversability is an award-winning social enterprise to rebrand disability through the power of community. Here at ARTXV we are huge fans and champions of the organisation who do incredible work! Find out more about Diversability here.

Transcript and chat can be found here.


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