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Magical Women's Festival of Magical Workshops

We are super excited to announce Magical Women's 'Festival of Magical Workshops'!

A 2 day festival open to autistic/ADHD women and non-binary creatives who would like to learn new skills, attune to their artistic practice and create alongside other autistic/ADHD women and non-binary artists.

Magical Women is an organisation that creates relaxed, accessible and empowering spaces for female and non-binary neurodivergent artists that remove risk typically found in neurotypical and mainstream spaces, founded by ARTXV artist Elinor Rowlands.

Workshops include 'Sensory Movement', 'Neurodivergent Leadership in the Arts', 'Building a Sensory Dreambox' and 'A Handmade Life'.

Tickets can be bought for individual workshops or the whole festival here.

Follow Magical Women on Instagram for news and updates here.


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