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Soho Friends Presents Digital Diaspora

The Lipstick Politico are partnering up with SUMweekly and A LOOK INTO to present Digital Diaspora.

An immersive evening celebrating South Asian digital art in collaboration with Soho Friends, featuring a discussion on NFTs bridging into the traditional art world with panellists:

Ava Halvai (Founder at ARTXV)

Yamini Mehta (Forker Deputy Chairman South Asian Art at Sotheby's)

Josh Sandhu (Founder Co founder Quantus Gallery)

Followed by late sets and a digital exhibition, showcasing digital art by:

Date: Tuesday, 28th June Venue: Location: Soho House, Tea Building, London, E1 6JJ Time: 7:00 PM till late

The Lipstick Politico is a digital publication dedicated to pushing the boundaries of mainstream social discourse, with a purpose to catalogue underrepresented voices by portraying multiple sides of current critical issues and social evolution through the lens of South Asian art and expression.

SUM is a platform aimed at amplifying the voices of young creatives and academics alike. Covering art, music, culture, science and more, SUM is a multi-disciplined collective looking to make waves in London and beyond.

A LOOK INTO is a revolutionary production company at the forefront of the new wave in filmmaking, alongside a community-driven platform with a mission to foster a community of like-minded creatives who share core values.


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