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Visit to Hart Club's Last Open House

image of the Hart Club space, with neat shelves of artwork and ceramics

The team at ARTXV said a final goodbye to Hart Club's physical space in London where they hosted their last open house.

Hart Club is a community arts organisation whose mission is to champion neurodiversity within the arts, running projects, exhibits and hosting an incredibly special space in London for neurodivergent artists.

"Hart Club provides a platform for artists to access creative and financial recognition for work that so often goes unseen."

Hart Club was a huge source of inspiration for the team at ARTXV and we were absolutely delighted to have the chance to not only enjoy the artwork in person, but to also meet both the artists and team and purchase some art!

We're looking forward to seeing what's next for Hart Club and their incredible artists.

the entrance to Hart Club, which says the name across the windows with a big red heart above


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