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ARTXV's First NFT Drop

collage of vibrant colourful art of different styles

ARTXV is excited to announce its upcoming NFT drop on 31st August.

After a year of onboarding our artists to the NFT space and building our community, ARTXV is ready to show the world the power of neurodiversity.

15 neurodivergent artists. 150 unique pieces.

Created painstakingly with care, emotion, creativity and story.


How do I get my hands on one?

1. Head to the Artists page to read the story behind each artist

2. Head to OpenSea to purchase your NFT

3. Share your new NFT with the community on your socials (and don't forget to tag us @artxvorg!)

“The art world is by nature full of extraordinary things. It is a shame that so many neurodiverse artists, often with unique interpretations, experiences and talent of the world around them have struggled to find a home within it. ARTXV have built one.”

- Caleb Lewis


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