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Community Spotlight: Kae Mcspadden

Staring at a piece by Kae McSpadden, one can immediately recognize her artistic prowess and imaginative mind. A multi-disciplinary artist, Kae’s extensive portfolio is a testament to her many talents and sound creative instincts.

Kae, a white woman with straight brown hair and red lipstick smiling and holding up two intricate sketches of mystical figures

As a lover of fiction, McSpadden’s art is a collection of intricate and fantastical depictions of various storylines and characters. Her piece We Are All Mad Here is a striking labyrinth of characters from Alice in Wonderland; a piece that eloquently showcases her attention to detail and knack for color coordination. Artistry has long existed in Kae’s family lineage; she follows in the footsteps of her great-great grandfather and her father’s cousin, both of whom inspired her to follow this passion.

Beyond being a fine artist, Kae is also a voice actor. Utilizing her acting skills to create expressive and animated characters in her art. Through her kind personality and unbelievable talent, McSpadden continues to build herself a career in art, all while defying societal expectations of what it means to be a neurodivergent artist.

animated art of an intricate, busy scene of a dark haunting depiction of alice in wonderland.

To follow Kae's art and journey, follow her here.

Deema Alharthi is a writer currently exploring the intersection of disability justice and the arts. She is interested in processes of community-building and ways of contributing to them, both digitally and in the real world.


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