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Community Spotlight: Rainbow Mosho

Rainbow Mosho is a fifteen-year-old artist and a force to be reckoned with. Her whimsical and vibrant art style invites her audiences to enter a world filled with joy and wonder.

picture of a teenage girl with cropped hair, large round emails and strokes of paint under her eyes and chin, looking up into the distance

Despite her young age, Rainbow Mosho has already left her marks on the art world. In addition to having her art exhibited throughout the US and abroad, she has also self-published five books, taught art classes, and collaborated with artists on a global scale.

whimsical digital art piece of flowers, birds and other animals

Diagnosed with autism in her childhood, Rainbow Mosho uses art as a way to share her voice with the world. The results are messages that seek justice and normalize the presence of neurodivergent people in all spaces. Indeed, Rainbow Mosho’s art is an extension of her positive attitude not only towards the world, but towards herself, and serves as a source of inspiration for its viewers.

From speaking at a global conference to having her art showcased at a Times Square billboard, Rainbow Mosho has already broken barriers this year and will continue to do so. Looking forward, the young artist aspires to expand the reach of her writings through publishing second editions of her books and having them available at select libraries. To learn more about Rainbow Mosho, explore here.

Deema Alharthi is a writer currently exploring the intersection of disability justice and the arts. She is interested in processes of community-building and ways of contributing to them, both digitally and in the real world.


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