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Community Spotlight: Marie-Claire

Marie-Claire is a digital artist from Panama City. Through various 2D and 3D softwares, she creates these infinitely complex, geometric pieces to reflect her vivid imagination and abstract thinking.

a revolving geometric shape of a mesh cube made of smaller shapes, glistening and turning on a mesh podium. black and white piece made with digital 3d art

In being an artist, Marie-Claire rejects the mainstream idea that neurodivergence should limit someone’s ability to express themselves and achieve their ambitions. In fact, and certainly in the case of Marie-Claire’s art, neurodivergence can serve as something akin to a superpower. “I love to explore the shapes, colors, and textures that emerge from my mind, and express my emotions and experiences through my art,” the artist writes in an interview.

digital 3d art piece in black and white, of a square podium with 4 shapes mounted on top, made of squiggly lines and a white sphere on top

Marie-Claire’s steadfast commitment to making multifaceted digital art is a testament to the power of authenticity and believing in one’s self. In joining the ARTXV community, she wants to use her art “to inspire and empower other neurodivergent people, as well as to challenge the stigma and stereotypes that we face in society.”

a young woman with glasses, long blonde straight hair and a big smile, posing in front of a laptop screen with the neurodiversity sign consisting of a rainbow coloured infinity sign

For more of Marie-Claire's work, check out her profile here.

Deema Alharthi is a writer currently exploring the intersection of disability justice and the arts. She is interested in processes of community-building and ways of contributing to them, both digitally and in the real world.


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