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Community Spotlight: Star

Feelings of mystery roam freely through Star’s paintings; faceless figures and omniscient eyes convey her wonder about the uncertainties of the world, making her artwork a source of questions and answers– for her and the viewer.

mystical painting of a faceless figure with an abstract shape stretching out of it, with cool blue green and purple tones with specks of white

Growing up in a military family, Star was exposed to a range of cultures as she moved from one place to another. Her creative pursuits serve as an exploration of her worldly experiences, from her relationship with spirituality to the gravity of interpersonal connections in her life.

two figures with only heart shaped eyes as facial features, connected by the heart and waving lines in between. Swirls of pink and blue with white squares fill the background

Star was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease early into adulthood, an obstacle she faced with strength as she underwent multiple surgeries and spent stretches of time with limited physical mobility. “The hardest part of my disability was the isolation,” Star shares in an interview. At the height of her health challenges, she was unable to make any art, consequently turning this period into one of prolonged reflection about who she is and the myriad elements– both physical and spiritual– that make up her universe. After a journey of rest and healing, Star’s creativity bursted beautifully on empty canvases; like a pressure cooker that finally had its valve turned.

For the 24-year-old painter, the process of creating art is all about finding new meanings. Her creative process doesn’t shy away from the often uncomfortable feelings of uncertainty, but rather embraces the confusions of self-discovery. Her pieces are tangible elements of who she is, so much so that they often offer her answers to important questions long after completing a project; “I love the concept of my paintings looking back at me,” Star says.

image of the artist, a young woman in a park wearing glasses and a colourful t shirt and hat

Star hopes to create a sense of wonder for those engaging with her paintings– to allow discomfort towards the unknown to exist so that they may reach a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

For more of Star's work, head to @elektrik_star_productions on Instagram.

Deema Alharthi is a writer currently exploring the intersection of disability justice and the arts. She is interested in processes of community-building and ways of contributing to them, both digitally and in the real world.


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