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Picasso: Neurodivergence and Art

Today's artist spotlight is on no other than Pablo Picasso. Much is known about Picasso's art, life and even childhood. What is less known is that Picasso was very likely neurodivergent.

Image of Picasso, an old white man with a white shirt and no trousers, sitting at a wooden table surrounded by his artwork

Growing up, Picasso neither enjoyed nor excelled at school. He struggled with reading, experiencing the orientation of the letters on the page changing continously. He was labelled by his teachers as 'reading blind', which today is known as dyslexia, a form of neurodivergence.

He spent much of his childhood being sent out of class or skipping it, where he instead used the time to draw and sketch.

Picasso drew what he saw and given his spatiovisual differences and his style of art, it is highly likely that his dyslexia heavily influenced his art.

Picasso's artwork, a cubism piece


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