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A Word From Darren Hall, ARTXV Artist

image off artist Darren, a white man smiling with glasses and a fleece gilet, holding a paintbrush to his face

My being is empty without art and it has played a vital role in my whole life. Recovery, behaviour, calming, safety net and many more. I find writing and explaining myself so tough but i will try.

I have given away my safety net to the most amazing person and art representative I could ask for. It is the most exhilarating feeling to have my art handled by Ava and ARTXV and i feel safer than ever. Someone who really believes in my art and me gets my attention. Since we first met on Instagram in 2021, Ava has been so supportive. For me to trust her so quickly is new for me and my trust has been rewarded for both of us and of course the entire ARTXV family.

No one has ever put their faith in me or my art. In fact my art has been ridiculed and other negative views so to be part of this positivity helps with my diversity.

This is excitement beyond what i can explain but i am humbled and look forward & ONWARDS.

Thank you to team ARTXV and all the artists for your kindness and understanding.

watercolour painting of 3 figures at a beach with calm waters but a stormy sky

Darren is an artist from Oxfordshire, UK. With ADHD, PTSD and brain injury, who sought out art as a form of therapy and self expression. You can read more about Darren and his work here.


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