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Neurodivergence encompasses all the diversities of the brain and mind.

It includes autism, ADHD, synesthesia and many more.

Just like any other diversity, neurodivergence brings a beautiful and unique perspective to the world.

The #1 community for neurodivergent NFTs

Neurodivergence is a power.

See incredible, one of a kind art like you've never seen before, through the unique lens of neurodivergence.

Invest in neurodivergent artists' careers and future.

Hear their stories.


We're a mission driven community

We're here to:

  1. Provide a community and opportunities for neurodivergent artists to showcase their work 

  2. Accelerate the economic independence of neurodivergent artists

  3. Support the neurodivergent community to enter the Web3 space

Did you know that disabled people make up the largest minority in the world? Yet they are one of the least represented, with negative misconceptions and stigmas still commonplace in society.

ARTXV is changing this, allowing our artists to take centre stage to show you who they really are.


First of all, if you're thinking "What on earth is an NFT?" head to our blogpost here.

In short, NFTs are a new way to sell digital art using emerging technologies (a very simplified explanation).


Some say it is the future of art collecting. So why did ARTXV decide to sell art through NFTs?

  1. NFTs are democratising the art industry. Selling your art is as simple as uploading an image and engaging with the NFT community to get the word out about your work. No more connections to fancy art galleries or long laborious applications to art institutes needed. 

  2. NFTs are the future. Blockchain (the technology that NFTs are built on) is the future. As these slowly become mainstream, we don't want disabled people to be left behind because of a lack of digital accessibility and inclusion. We also want the NFT community to be diverse and rich in culture and people.

After so many years of the traditional art industry not taking disabled artists seriously, it's time for their work to be celebrated and for the world to acknowledge them as legitimate, immensely talented artists.

The art world won't know what hit them. 

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